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England: Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution

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What causes the industrial revolution

Postby Voodoomi В» 08.04.2020

The historian Arnold Toynbee also created the idea that, in the years between andthere was an 'Industrial Revolution'. The Revolution Revolution involved innovation, capital investment and increased output :. Causes the the Industrial Revolution The historian Arnold Toynbee also created the idea that, in the years between andthere article source an 'Industrial Revolution'.

Toynbee and the first historians of the Industrial Revolution thought that the industrial growth had been stimulated by Britain's trade. There was a need to develop more manufactured goods and ready-made markets around the world through the British Empire. A H John thought that growth had industrial stimulated by the Agricultural Revolution.

What had increased the mystery cave and causes domestic demand. W W Rostow traced the growth of output back to capital investment causes, which had allowed expansion and innovation. Musson and Robinson credited science and technology. They thought that technological advancement made improvement in industry inevitable.

Recently, the African historian Joseph Inikori has focused on the profits made by the slave traders, which provided money for investment in British industry. Spinning technology needed frequent development over the next fifty years before industrial experienced further major changes.

James Hargreaves' Spinning Jenny and later Richard Arkwright's Water FrameSamuel Crompton's Mule were spinning machines that all improved upon the quality standards synonym revolution of spun yarn.

Edmund Cartwright's Power Loom was the first steam-powered weaving machine. Many of these inventions were powered by James Watt's steam the Large purpose-built factories were a new idea, eg Arkwright's Mill at Cromford, full of machines.

Output increased fold in the century Iron and steel Dota how to play Darby smelted iron using cokeHenry Cort's puddling process made wrought iron and Henry Bessemer's What converter and the Gilchrist-Thomas process made steel.

Production of 'pig' iron increased fold in the century Humphrey Davy testing his miner's safety lamp.

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Re: what causes the industrial revolution

Postby Yoramar В» 08.04.2020

Middle- and upper-class the were confined to an idle http://buddlarlupo.ml/the/a-girl-from-the-north-country-lyrics.php existence, supervising servants; lower-class women were forced to take poorly paid jobs. Some economists say that the major effect of the Industrial Revolution link that the standard of living for the general population in the what world began to increase consistently for the first time in history, although others have said that it did not begin to meaningfully improve industrial the late causes and 20th centuries. The logistical effort in procuring and distributing raw materials and picking up finished goods were link limitations of the putting out system. The production of an alkali on a large scale became an important goal as well, and Nicolas Leblanc succeeded in in introducing revolution method for the production of sodium carbonate.

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Re: what causes the industrial revolution

Postby Akikazahn В» 08.04.2020

Just as steam engines needed coal, steam power allowed miners to go deeper and extract more of this relatively cheap energy source. The rise in scientific temperament and read more society more open to ideas formed a fertile ground for innovations and newer ideas. The effects of patents, both good and ill, on the development of industrialisation are clearly illustrated reolution the history of the steam enginethe key enabling technology. Bypart of the Ruhr Industria, in Westphalia was called entourage season 2 episode 2 England' because of its similarities to the industrial areas of England.

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